Dense Clouds above Central Park

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Collections: Cityscapes

Category: architecture, central park, new york

Type: Unknown Type

About the Photograph

This is a photograph from my first visit in New York in 2013. I just moved in to an apartment in Upper West Side and began exploring the neighborhood. The area was completely strange to me at the time. While walking on the path near the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park, I found myself in a spot with a great view to the old, beautiful iconic buildings located on Central Park West, including El Dorado (two towers) and St. Urban. But it wasn't the main thing, which drew my attention. It was the amazing, dramatic sky with dense clouds and sun rays hardly getting through them, creating this stunning light effect. Never before, nor ever after have I seen something similar. I took three shots: properly exposed, underexposed and overexposed to capture all the details in the frame, and later stacked them manually in Photoshop. The entire image, however, is completely natural and presents the real scene.

Location: New York, New York