Spring in Central Park

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Collections: Cityscape: Limited Editions of 10, Cityscapes

Category: architecture, central park, new york

Type: Unknown Type

About the Photograph

I haven't had many opportunities to photograph the beauty of spring in New York, but last year I could not let it go. Cherry blossoms appear only for a few days, but they are one of the most spectacular natural phenomenons, especially in a concrete jungle like New York. I headed to Central Park, seeking for a right spot and finally encountered this location... Countless white and pink blossoms around and the path in the middle. The image was replenished by the lantern and the two towers of San Remo building in the background - another landmark located at Central Park West. The scenery and light were absolutely perfect! And it looks so tranquil, right? But it did not go so smooth... There were tens of tourists passing by, usually noticing me with a big camera and following my footsteps - stopping to take a picture. Always in my frame. They actually even started doing whole photo shoots with families and having fun watching the pictures (still standing in my frame). But putting up with such situations is a significant and inevitable part of photographer's job... Patience is the key. I found the exact perspective I wanted, took a position and began waiting. Eventually, the area cleared from people for less than a minute and I could start shooting! I needed to be fast. I got what I needed, but suddenly, I spotted these two ladies approaching and took a few more shots. And that was it! I was rewarded with a capture exceeding my expectations.

Location: New York, New York

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