Toronto Skyline at Dusk - Ultra High Resolution Panorama

    1. Ultra high resolution for ultimate level of detail
    2. Limited Edition of 5
    3. 90"x40" (approx.) UHD print on metallic paper under 4mm acrylic glass, divided into 3 panels
    4. Worldwide shipping, free in the US, EU and UK

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Category: architecture, canada, toronto, twilight

Type: Unknown Type

About the Photograph

On the way back from Poland to New York in the beginning of August, I decided to make a stop in Toronto, where I spent the whole day. It was extremely hot and staying awake wasn't easy due to time change and 9-hour flight, but I took a long walk around the city, exploring its impressive architecture. To my surprise, the city turned out to be similar to New York in many aspects. My last destination of this short trip was one of the islands, where I could capture Toronto's skyline at sunset and later at dusk. Despite having done some research, I had no clue which island to go to and whether I actually had enough time for it, as the terminal was pretty far away even from the docks and I could have missed my bus. But I couldn't miss such a chance, so I took a ferry to the Centre Island, following captain's advice. He was absolutely right - the Islands give different perspectives to the skyline and the the Centre Island turned out to give me just the perfect one. The weather was beautiful until the end of the day, but I was rather disappointed with the sky, which before sunset looked plain and boring (no clouds, no spectacular game of colors which I'm usually looking for). But suddenly, the scenery begun changing dramatically! Here we have the ultimate 186 megapixel panorama captured at twilight, which is my favorite time of the day to photograph city skylines - I love the combination of deep blues and purples in the sky with illuminated buildings, especially when the lights are reflecting on water.