Two Towers

    1. Wykonanie na papierze fotograficznym lub szkle akrylowym 5mm
    2. Edycja otwarta (nielimitowana)
    3. Luksusowa dekoracja ożywiająca wnętrze
    4. Międzynarodowa wysyłka

Kolekcje: Edycje otwarte, Krajobraz

Kategoria: architecture, central park, day, landscape, nature, new york, spring

Typ: Nieznany typ

O fotografii

Whereas the scene might seem tranquil and the place - unattended, the reality of creating this photograph was that I had to stand in one spot for almost two hours in order to capture the view without any people in the frame. The easier solution would be to put the camera on a tripod, take a couple shots and edit passersby out in Photoshop, but I didn't bring a tripod with me, and I want to keep my works as natural as possible. It was a ten-second window in which I finally got the opportunity to capture the essence of spring in Central Park with one of my favorite buildings in the city - the San Remo.

Miejsce: Central Park, Nowy Jork