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Kolekcje: Miasto

Kategoria: architecture, bridge, brooklyn bridge, new york, sunset

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O fotografii

Exchange Place in New Jersey became my second favorite spot for photographing Downtown Manhattan skyline as soon as I found myself there for the first time in 2015. Repetition and reinterpretation is a significant part of my journey as a photographer. I like coming back to popular places that I had been to several times and capture the subject in a new way. I usually start shooting before sunset. That evening turned out very dramatic and cold in terms of colors. Strong wind pushed the dark, dense clouds to the west really fast. Lights in the buildings were gradually going on and this composition was the exact moment I was waiting for. I set the time to 10 seconds in order to capture the movement of the clouds, but not to blur them completely. The ultimate photograph looks like legendary Gotham.

Location: Exchange Place, New Jersey