Laguna Sunset

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Kategoria: architecture, bridge, brooklyn bridge, new york, sunset

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O fotografii


I only had one chance to capture sunset in Laguna Beach. I had never been there before, nor did I know any locations for shooting. I wasn’t even sure whether this was going to be our ultimate destination that day, so the whole trip was totally spontaneous. I had to trust Google Maps, which directed me to a very narrow, hardly noticeable and accessible street, leading to a small neighborhood with just a few houses. Actually, a few beautiful villas located on a cliff with a stunning view to the Pacific Ocean. We were running out of time, as the sun was already almost touching the horizon. Finally, we found the right location. Parking, unpacking, running to the spot and setting up the gear was hectic. Not to mention the signs „private property, no parking” everywhere and the additional fear of the car being towed away... But the gorgeous view was absolutely worth all that stress and rush. The perspective and the variety of colors made the image look magical, almost unreal! Honestly, I had been looking for a different location in Laguna Beach, which I considered just perfect for my purposes, but I don’t regret getting here at all. I believe it’s a great reflection of a certain life truth: sometimes you think you know what’s best for you and life unexpectedly brings you something even better. Only during that short trip to California it happened at least 4 times (in terms of photography). But I don’t consider it a coincidence...


Location: Laguna Beach, California