Dawn at Central Park

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Kolekcje: Krajobraz

Kategoria: architecture, bridge, brooklyn bridge, new york, sunset

Typ: Nieznany typ

O fotografii

I was visiting New York in 2023 after a long break and that morning, despite complete reluctance to move from bed before 4AM, I finally disciplined myself to get up and rush to Manhattan for sunrise. My goal was to capture a panorama of 59th Street skyline from my usual spot by The Lake in Central Park. I had refused to get up for sunrise for 3 previous days in a row and when I ultimately did it, the sky appeared unusually dull, grey and the whole view was hazy. Some kind of fog was in the air and I couldn't even see the buildings clearly. To my surprise, it turned out that the city was enfolded with the smog coming form wildfires in Canada. It baffled my only chance to capture sunrise during that trip, because the following day New York looked like Mars. Disappointed, I leaned the tripod with camera mounted on it on my shoulder and headed back to the apartment. On my way, however, I was walking through The Mall and realized that I had never seen this path empty. Usually it's crowded, but not at 5 in the morning. The only visitors were the pigeons on the sidewalk. The lights were still on. It was a perfect scenery for capturing the Park from within. The oaks presented themselves proudly and majestically. I set the equipment on the ground again and began shooting. And I must admit that it was a complete compensation for what I had planned to do. As usual in my work as a landscape photographer - I tend do seek one thing, but end up finding another, better than my initial vision. I never know where fate is going to put me on my way to make a perfect photograph.

Location: Central Park, New York