Downtown in Purple

    1. Archiwalny wydruk w standardzie muzealnym
    2. Edycja limitowana - 50 egzemplarzy na świecie
    3. Międzynarodowa wysyłka (bezpłatna w krajach UE, UK i USA)

Kolekcje: Miasto

Kategoria: architecture, bridge, brooklyn bridge, new york, sunset

Typ: Nieznany typ

O fotografii

The sunset was stunning that evening and the sky remained so beautiful for the next 30 minutes. My favorite time of shooting has always been blue hour and here I find the mix of purple and blue casts unique and just perfect. The sky looked as if it had been painted. By using long exposure I also captured a few vessels moving on the East River, leaving smooth light trails, which was the icing on the cake.

Than night I took around hundred shots, out of which I picked three exceptional and very different from the others. You'll find them in the gallery if you look carefully.

Miejsce: Manhattan Bridge, Nowy Jork