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Kolekcje: Miasto

Kategoria: architecture, city, cityscape, dusk, new york, skyline, twilight

Typ: Nieznany typ

O fotografii

It was my first and only visit at Top of the Rock in New York City. Bringing a tripod was forbidden in that place, so I had to put the camera on my winter hat (it was January) on the wall in order to stabilize it for long exposure shots. It did the work perfectly. I arrived long before sunset, from which you can find another capture in Open Editions section, but ultimately I was only hunting for the twilight. While waiting, I was absorbing the energy of the city - the magnificent views, the specific, almost uninterrupted sounds of police, ambulance sirens and car honks. The dusk didn't disappoint me. It was truly stunning, and Top of the Rock is probably the best spot in New York to observe it. Millions of lights in the buildings began slowly coming up, which gives a spectacular effect when watching from that perspective. The first editing version of this series was very different and recently I decided to reinterpret it adapting style that I have severely developed since I took the shot back in 2015.

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