Market Street NYC

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Kategoria: architecture, new york, skyline, sunset

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O fotografii

The photograph presents streets of Chinatown district and Downtown Manhattan skyline with the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere - One World Trade Center. I usually stop by and shoot from this spot when on the way to my favorite spot further on Manhattan Bridge, above East River. Thanks to its elevated location (on the bridge), it provides a beautiful and original perspective to the genuine Manhattan skyline, where the old brick houses, so typical for New York City, are complemented with some modern commercial skyscrapers of Financial District in the distance. My timing was perfectly synchronized with the sun setting behind the tops of the taller buildings, hiding behind clouds and leaving the effect of diffused sunlight. It was easy to predict that the actual sunset was going to be incredible - and it was. Check out: "East River Traffic", "Downtown in Purple" (Cityscape Collection) and "Palette" (Moment Collection) for more photographs from that day!

Location: Manhattan Bridge, New York