New York on Fire

    1. Fotografia wyróżniona w konkursie IPA 2020
    2. Archiwalny wydruk w standardzie muzealnym
    3. Edycja limitowana - 30 egzemplarzy na świecie
    4. Międzynarodowa wysyłka (darmowa w krajach UE, UK i USA)

Kolekcje: Miasto

Kategoria: architecture, bridge, brooklyn bridge, new york, sunset

Typ: Nieznany typ

O fotografii

This shot had been on my list for years, but there was always something else to do or somewhere else to go... I'm even more glad that when I finally took a trip to the Brooklyn Bridge to photograph Downtown Manhattan from that spot, the sky during sunset turned out to be so spectacular. It took a lot of time, patience and many shots to capture a yellow cab exactly in this position, but I was lucky enough to finally shoot two, next to each other. So much of New York in one image!

The photograph was awarded an Honorable Mention in 2020 Lucie's International Photography Awards.

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