Power and Magnificence

    1. Fotografia opublikowana przez PhotoVogue Italia (2020)
    2. Wykonana na Brooklynie (Nowy Jork)
    3. Archiwalny wydruk w standardzie muzealnym
    4. Dostępny w wersjach: Platinum i Diamond
    5. Edycja limitowana 150 egzemplarzy
    6. Międzynarodowa wysyłka (bezpłatna w krajach UE, UK i USA)


Manhattan Bridge in its full glory. Getting to this spot was dangerous, as I had to walk through slippery rocks covered with snow, where one mistake could cost me a broken leg. But the perspective was totally worth taking that risk. I had been planning for a while to photograph the bridge on a foggy day, when Manhattan skyline would be hidden and invisible, and such an opportunity occurred on the first day of snow this winter (2020) in New York. From underneath, Manhattan Bridge looks even more spectacular than from any other perspective. It's incredibly massive and the detail is outstanding. When you find yourself there, you can just feel its power. It’s overwhelming. The rust adds some character and beauty to this amazing structure, which is over 100 years old (completed in 1912). During the photoshoot it stopped snowing for a while. The snowflakes captured in the photograph were falling from the bridge when a train was passing by. The noise made by trains running there can be very disturbing, especially when standing right next to them on the bridge, but down there, from certain distance, the sound of steel elements hitting each other becomes just an icing on the cake of the overall experience.

Location: DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY