Tranquility of the Fall

    1. Fotografia opublikowana w PhotoVogue Italia (2020)
    2. Archiwalny wydruk w standardzie muzealnym
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    4. Międzynarodowa wysyłka (bezpłatna w krajach UE, UK i USA)

Kolekcje: Moment

Kategoria: architecture, central park, day, fall, nature, new york, park, sunny

Typ: Photography Art

O fotografii

During one of my random walks around Central Park in November 2019, I stopped at my usual spots in front of the Dakota. The building itself is famous for being a former house to John Lennon and his wife - Yoko Ono. It is also one of most distinguished Manhattan's landmark located at Central Park West. I had been to this spot several times before, but the Dakota never appeared to me this way. The composition of the building mostly hidden behind the trees, decorated with yellow and orange leaves truly caught me. In my photography, I often tend to fill an image with some additional element, sort of an icing on the cake, which here was the lone boat sailing through the pond, but the photograph is unique due to one more factor - the light. I waited for the perfect moment, when the sun came out from behind the clouds, illuminate the neighboring buildings' windows, which bounced the light back to the Dakota and its surroundings. You may notice the reflections if you look closely, but it creates the general impression in the first place. While looking closely, you may also spot the New York Marathon runners behind the bushes.

Miejsce: Central Park, Nowy Jork